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A survey by trip-planning app Moovit showed that riders want more frequent arrivals of transit vehicles to reduce crowdedness, real-time arrival information to reduce waiting times at crowded stops and contactless payments systems, which would include mobile payments using either QR codes or NFC technology and closed-loop or open-loop contactless cards.

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Among cities where most respondents said that contactless and mobile fare payments and ticketing would encourage them to use public transit, was Toronto at 35%, New York City at 33%, Washington, D.C., at 32%, Chicago at 31% and Melbourne at 29%.

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• Moovit

Up to a third of transit riders in several cities say contactless payments and mobile ticketing would encourage them to return to using public transit following the Covid-19 lockdowns, according to a survey results released by Israel-based trip-planning app Moovit.

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