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Helsinki would join such other large transit authorities in Europe as those in London, Milan, Rome, Madrid, Kiev and Moscow in accepting contactless EMV payments. Besides London, the transit agencies in these other cities do not go beyond support for contactless on one or perhaps two major transport modes, such as metro or buses.

Key Data:

Season tickets had accounted for more than 50% of total trips for Transport for London before the launch of contactless there in 2014, and today they make up a little less than 30%. Around two-thirds of trips are now pay-as-you-go transactions, led by contactless and followed by the still popular closed-loop reloadable Oyster cards.

Organizations Mentioned:

• Littlepay
• Helsinki Regional Transport Authority

The Helsinki Regional Transport Authority plans to accept contactless EMV payments on its multimodal system, including its buses, metro, trams and ferries. The rollout, expected to be completed in 2023, will also support daily and weekly fare capping.

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