Letter from the Editor: Mobility Payments Introduces Premium Content

When we launched the Mobility Payments Intelligence Report two and a half years ago as still the only publication focused exclusively on the market for payments in public transit and mobility, we planned to one day introduce a premium service.

That day has come with the launch of exclusive premium articles and data available through subscription plans and single-article purchases. 

Subscribers to Mobility Payments will receive more articles, more data and more valuable facts and insights–all of which you will not find anywhere else–about the important and growing global mobility payments market.  

As before, all content will be 100% original, highly reliable and thoroughly vetted, providing what our readers have told us is a vital information source that helps them do their jobs.

We don’t take this step lightly. We’re aware that many of you have come to rely on our coverage of the industry, which cuts through hype and talking points to tell you what is really happening in the market. Our information helps transit agencies ask the right questions of their technology suppliers and to get the most of out their public funding. Suppliers get exclusive information on the market and their competitors, helping them to set strategy and better focus their resources.

We write stories about projects before they are announced, spotlight trends as they are emerging, provide hard-to-obtain data to illuminate our stories and offer context to help you make sense of it all. With our premium service, you will get even more of this.

Let’s face it, producing all original stories with hard-to-get facts, data and insights comes at a cost. That’s why more and more publications that practice real journalism have erected paywalls to charge for content.

Of course, we all know there are many other publications in this market that will continue to offer “free” content. They mostly reprint press releases and perhaps aggregate other content they find on the internet, providing absolutely no original information or vetting of the facts. 

You should know that these publications are not writing for their readers but for their advertisers. And in the end, their information is not free. You pay for it in misleading facts, faulty insights and–ultimately–missed opportunities.     

Mobility Payments has always been different. And our new premium service will provide you more of the exclusive facts, context and insights you have come to trust.

Dan Balaban, editor & publisher
Mobility Payments
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