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I’m proud to introduce Mobility Payments, a new publication to chronicle the budding era of mobility payments.

As more and more transit agencies and other mobility providers say no to cash, new forms of fare payments and ticketing  are taking on much greater importance. 

Mobile ticketing, open- and closed-loop contactless and other forms of electronic payments were already growing before the pandemic. But they are now accelerating rapidly as mobility providers seek ways to reduce customer interaction with their employees and enable riders to avoid touching potentially contaminated surfaces, thus luring wary riders back to the bus, metro, train and ferry services.  And as mobility alternatives gain in popularity, they will need to plug into new payments platforms.

At the same time, advancing technology and commercial relationships are helping a wide range of mobility providers to gear up more quickly to launch new payments and ticketing services, such as mobility as a service, or MaaS. 

One thing that has been missing, however, is a publication dedicated to this emerging market for mobility payments and ticketing–a publication that gives transit agencies and mobility companies the hard facts and genuine insight they need to make crucial decisions in today’s changing competitive landscape. A publication that will not be content to merely parrot press releases and aggregate articles found all over the internet. That publication is Mobility Payments.

Created by the editors of NFC Times, which for more than 10 years has produced the most authoritative content in the NFC and digital payments space, Mobility Payments will produce exclusive, well-researched, highly vetted and richly informative content–all complying with high journalistic ethics–as it covers the latest topics and trends in the industry.

Mobility Payments will reach a highly engaged, influential readership, including representatives of public transit authorities, transit operators, first- and last-mile mobility providers and fare-collection companies globally, among others in the growing mobility payments ecosystem. The publication will be a must-read for all mobility providers, as part of a robust and growing ecosystem of technology suppliers, from chip makers to payments service providers to systems integrators to app developers and software-as-a-service ticketing vendors. 

As with all issues of Mobility-Payments.com and Mobility Payments magazine, you will find find exclusive data here that you can’t find anywhere else. Besides open-loop projects globally, that includes SaaS ticketing platform providers, closed-loop card services offered by the major Pays wallets and more. 

As long-standing trends in the transport and mobility sectors combine with the aftershocks of the pandemic, transformation in the industry will occur at an accelerated pace. Mobility Payments will be there to help you navigate these monumental changes.
July 2021

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