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The NEORide Group, perhaps the largest regional fare-payment “solution” in the United States, has decided to rehire its incumbent vendor, Masabi. The SaaS-ticketing supplier had around 1,000 of its branded validators installed on board agency buses, but contends this hardware could have been reused by a new vendor. Not all Masabi’s rivals agree there wasn’t a lock-in.

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• Email to agencies about AVL System problem

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MTA (New York)
MBTA (Boston)

UK-based Masabi has held onto an important ticketing contract in the financially squeezed software-as-a-service market–a project that at least some rivals contended that they had little chance of winning, Mobility Payments has learned.

A selection committee for Ohio-based NEORide, a council of governments body that coordinates mobile ticketing for more than 15 transit agencies across multiple U.S. states, chose Masabi for its procurement.

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