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Swedish transit authority Västtrafik has awarded the bid for its new open-loop fare system to Mikroelektronika, on the strength of a very low bid by the Czech-based vendor. The award would unseat the agency’s nearly 20-year incumbent supplier, Vix Technology.

Key Data:

Document: Västtrafik Procurement Report

Table: Qualified Vendors

• Table: Evaluation Scores

Chart: Price Bids

Organizations Mentioned:

• Västtrafik (Gothenburg)
• Mikroelektronika
• Vix Technology
• Ridango
• Flowbird

Czech Republic-based fare-system provider Mikroelektronika submitted the low bid to win the procurement of a new fare system in Sweden’s second-largest city, Gothenburg, besting a field of bidders that included nearly 20-year incumbent supplier Vix Technology, Mobility Payments has learned.

It’s perhaps an unexpected win for Mikroelektronika, whose featured fare projects to date are mainly in

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