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LA Metro Considers Open-Loop Payments, Sole-Source Contract with Cubic. Also: Ireland expected to announce winner of large tender this week; Conduent out in Philadelphia–Cubic and Accenture on SEPTA short list; California agency wants SaaS ticketing–Will It Create Problems for Cal-ITP Suppliers?

Key Data:

Document: RFP from SacRT, April 2024

Organizations Mentioned:

• LA Metro (Los Angeles)
• Cubic
• NTA (Ireland)
• Conduent
• Indra
• SEPTA (Philadelphia)
• Accenture
• SacRT (Sacramento)
• Cal-ITP
• Kuba
• Littlepay

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority is believed to be looking at introducing open-loop payments and is considering rehiring Cubic with a sole-source contract to implement the new payments service, along with other account-based ticketing, Mobility Payments has learned.

Some of the discussions are believed to be preliminary, but a sole-source deal is a real possibility for

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