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Both Milan and Rome also offer daily fare capping with contactless payment, with Rome’s ATAC, charging a maximum fare of €7 (US$7.69) on the fifth and succeeding rides. And significantly, if users purchase a monthly pass online with a contactless EMV payment card, they can register the card and use it as the monthly pass on contactless POS terminals, noted ATAC. These terminals will show the card on a “whitelist” and allow the cardholder to pass through the gate.

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Fare payments with EMV contactless cards and NFC smartphones and smartwatches have already launched in such major cities as London, Chicago, Vancouver, Sydney, Guangzhou, Singapore and Portland, Ore. A number of other major cities are planning to make the move or have already launched trials or limited rollouts, including New York City, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Boston and Brisbane.

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• Intesa Sanpaolo
• Mastercard

Rome has become the second major city in Italy–and one of a small but growing number of large cities globally–to enable riders to pay transit fares with EMV contactless credit, debit and prepaid cards and NFC devices.

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