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The Milwaukee County Transit System has selected Cubic Transportation Systems for its new account-based ticketing system, using Cubic’s SaaS-ticketing platform Umo. Nearly all agencies using Umo to date are small.

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The Milwaukee County Transit System is larger than other Umo clients that have been disclosed, with around 370 buses. The agency reported fixed-route ridership of 15.5 million in 2020, down from 26.4 million in 2019, before the pandemic, making it a mid-tier agency.

Organizations Mentioned:

• MCTS (Milwaukee)
• MTS (Milwaukee)
• Delerrok
Token Transit
• VRT (Boise)
• VCTC (Ventura County)

Transit officials in Milwaukee, WI, plan to launch a new fare payments system and are believed to have chosen Cubic Transportation Systems’ software-as-a-service Umo platform for the project, Mobility Payments has learned.

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