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A U.S. transit agency, Metro Transit, gives Cubic Transportation Systems a five-year, sole-source contract, contending it will save money and be faster than going out to the market with a procurement. The agency, however, said it plans to prepare for a “competitive RFP” before the end of the Cubic contract.

Key Data:

• Document: Clevor Consulting Group’s Justification for Sole Source Contract Recommendation

• Document: Brief Description of Plans for “Competitive RFP” in Agenda Item Report

Organizations Mentioned:

• Metro Transit (Minn.)
• Cubic
• Clevor Consulting
• Genfare
• Flowbird

Officials in the U.S. state of Minnesota, as expected, gave final approval this week to a $37.7 million sole-source contract for incumbent supplier Cubic Transportation Systems to upgrade the Minneapolis-St. Paul fare system to offer open-loop payments, account-based ticketing and fare capping.

But while staffers with the agency–Metro Transit–said it would save an estimated 30% on costs by hiring

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