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Tip Sheet: Philadelphia agency likely to reveal new fare-system vendor next month. Also: Major U.S. agencies consider reconstituting roundtable; RTD Denver plans RFP; Lyft drops transit-ticketing service; Helsinki expands open loop.

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Table: RTD-Mobile Ticketing Revenue Breakdown.

Organizations Mentioned:

• SEPTA (Philadelphia)
• Cubic
• Accenture
• Conduent
• DART (Dallas)
• RTD (Denver)
• Masabi
• Lyft
• Uber
• RTCSN (Las Vegas)
• HSL (Helsinki)
• Freebike
• Planeta

The proposed contract for the new Key 2.0 fare system in Philadelphia goes to the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority board in July for approval, according to a SEPTA official, who is not revealing whether the agency has chosen a vendor yet.

As Mobility Payments has reported in recent months, a shortlist of two vendors, Cubic Transportation Systems and

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