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Saskatoon Transit, which serves the largest city in Canada’s Saskatchewan province, plans to launch mobile ticketing and contactless smart cards using a cloud-based ticketing platform-a software-as-a-service system–from UK-based Masabi. It follows the launch of a much larger service by Calgary Transit, which serves Canada’s third largest city in July 2020. Like Calgary Transit, Saskatoon Transit will install validators on its fleet of buses through Masabi.

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Saskatoon Transit plans to install validators that can scan QR codes for mobile tickets as well as accepting closed-loop and open-loop contactless. Another transit agency said the validators cost $1,200 apiece, plus $425 per unit for installation.

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• Saskatoon Transt
• Masabi

Another transit agency in Canada has announced it will enable mobile ticketing, along with reloadable contactless cards, citing in part the Covid-19 pandemic and the desire to reduce the use of cash, vending machines and customer interaction with agency staff.

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