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Key Takeaway:

Dutch transport agencies see open-loop transactions plateau, but plan to expand use of the technology from single rides to concessions and discount subscriptions.

Key Data:

• Chart: Open-loop payments as share of all rides

• Table: OVpay stats for Feb. 2024 vs. Feb. 2023

Organizations Mentioned:

• RET (Rotterdam)
• Translink Systems
• NS (Netherlands)
• GVB (Amsterdam)
• Keolis
• bunq
• Transdev
• Qbuzz
• Arriva

Dutch transport officials are reporting that growth of open-loop payments as part of the nationwide OVpay service has leveled off during the first three months of this year after climbing in 2023.

Growth may begin to accelerate again later this year, however, when OVpay project backers seek to enable more riders to use their debit cards to receive senior and other concessions and also monthly and

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