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LA Metro plans to launch open-loop payments in time to co-host the World Cup in 2026 and host the Olympics two years later. The agency is the last of the top-tier U.S. agencies to commit to the technology. Metro staffers are recommending hiring Cubic Transportation Systems with sole-source contract upgrades.

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Document: Staff board report covering recommendations for the project.

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• LA Metro (Los Angeles)
• Cubic
• MTA (New York)
• CTA (Chicago)

Los Angeles County Metro is proposing to launch open-loop payments in early 2026, in time for the FIFA World Cup, which the city will co-host in June and July of that year–a tight deadline to hit. Metro also wants to later be ready with open loop and account-based ticketing when Los Angeles hosts the Olympic Games in 2028.

A Metro staff proposal–which would give incumbent supplier Cubic Transportation Systems a sole-

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