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While some transit agencies are holding back from launching similar open-loop payments services–put off by relatively high upfront costs, generally slower transaction times and a few other issues, transit officials in New York City and Manchester, UK, have been touting the results of their open-loop launches in 2019.

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The MTA said in an announcement Nov. 12 (2019) that it had reached the 3-million-tap milestone just six weeks after it had surpassed 2 million contactless journeys. That was a week faster than it had taken to go from 1 million taps to 2 million and four weeks faster than it took to hit the first 1 million taps.

Organizations Mentioned:

• Metropolitan Transportation Authority
• Transport for London
• Transport for Greater Manchester

Two transit agencies, one large and one small, that began accepting contactless bank cards and NFC wallets to pay fares in recent months are reporting that use of the new payments services is accelerating among their customers.

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