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The Milwaukee County Transit System is planning to launch a new fare-collection system this fall using Cubic Transportation Systems Umo Mobility platform.

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According to Cubic’s contract with Milwaukee Transportation Services, the operator of MCTS and the agency’s procurement arm, Cubic plans to charge the agency $0.035 per transaction for the first 600,000 transactions in a given month, then $0.025 for transaction numbers between 600,001 and 1.5 million and $0.02 for transactions above 1.5 million.

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• MCTS (Milwaukee)

The Milwaukee County Transit System today announced its plans to launch its new fare-collection system using the Umo Mobility platform from Cubic Transportation Systems in the fall. The system will support mobile fare payments and closed-loop contactless cards, as well as open-loop payments, though it’s not clear when the open-loop service will actually launch.

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