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Former incumbent vendor NTT Data sent a highly critical letter to Victoria state officials in Australia, protesting the procurement process for the state’s planned account-based ticketing system featuring open-loop payments. The letter, obtained by Mobility Payments, is released for the first time.

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Document: Full letter from NTT Data

Document: Full letter from Cubic

Table: Project Profile of procurement

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PTV (Melbourne) 
NTT Data
Vix Technology
• Fujitsu

NTT Data contends that its ousting as operator of the large fare system in Melbourne, Australia, and the surrounding state of Victoria will “cost Victorians for many years to come.”

That’s according to a letter–notable for its highly critical tone–sent by the Japan-based IT provider to a top Victoria state transport official last June. It followed a decision by the state to choose U.S.-based Conduent to take over the myki transit fare system.

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