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San Francisco Bay Area transit operators are seeing strong growth in issuance and use of virtual closed-loop Clipper cards. Many credit the growth to a waiver of the $3 acquisition fee for riders. However, costs include mobile-provisioning fees, for which main fare-system contractor Cubic requested a $15 million change order that may end up being insufficient.

Key Data:

• Chart: New Virtual Clipper Card Issuance

Chart: Share of Active Virtual Clipper Card Users

Document: Cubic $15 Million Change Order

Table: Comparison of Virtual Card Fees, U.S. Agencies

Organizations Mentioned:

• MTC (San Francisco)
• BART (San Francisco)
• Muni (San Francisco)
• Cubic
• NXP Semiconductors

San Francisco Bay Area transit operators have seen strong growth in the number of virtual closed-loop Clipper cards issued and the share of active users tapping these cards with Apple Pay and Google Wallet over the past 18 months or so, Mobility Payments has learned. 

Many credit the decision by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, or MTC, to waive the $3 sign-up fee

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