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The Washington (D.C.) Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has issued an RFP for open-loop payments, seeking to overlay open-payments technology on top of existing closed-loop card terminals. Incumbent supplier Cubic is favored to win the project.

Key Data:

Document: WMATA Open-Loop RFP

Organizations Mentioned:

• WMATA (Washington, D.C.)
• Cubic
• MTA (New York)
• CTA (Chicago)
• MTC (San Francisco)
• MBTA (Boston)


The Washington (D.C.) Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, or WMATA–a top five transit agency in the U.S.–has moved a step closer toward introducing open-loop payments, issuing a recent request for proposal for the technology, Mobility Payments has learned.

The RFP, titled, “Fare Open-Payment Overlay” (download below) seeks to add open-loop functionality to

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