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Danish ticketing company Rejsekort & Rejseplan hit the first milestone in its ambitious plan to replace its much-used closed-loop card with a GPS-based mobile-ticketing service. It has many more milestones to hit, and it will need to do so without its current CEO.

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The project aims to eventually phase out the 12-year-old national closed-loop Rejsekort, or Travelcard, which 3.3 million people tap for around 175 million trips per year on trains, buses, trams and metro throughout Denmark.

Organizations Mentioned:

• RKRP (Denmark)
• DSB (Denmark)
• Copenhagen Metro
• Fairtiq

Denmark’s national transport ticketing system provider announced Tuesday it had hit the first milestone in its project to replace its closed-loop travel card with a GPS-based mobile-ticketing app.

The announcement of the initial launch for up to 20,000 users comes days after the transport-agency owned fare company, Rejsekort & Rejseplan, disclosed that its CEO

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