Dutch Railways Reports 70,000 Riders Tapped to Pay during First Week after Launch of Open Loop

NS Train-Netherlands

Around 70,000 customers tapped their debit cards and other open-loop cards and credentials to pay for rides with Dutch national rail operator Nederlandse Spoorwegen, or NS, during the first week after the operator launched open-loop service, Jan. 31, an NS spokeswoman confirmed to Mobility Payments. […]

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Dutch National Rail Operator to Launch Open-Loop Payments as Part of Nationwide Rollout in Netherlands

NS train, Netherlands

Nederlandse Spoorwegen, or NS, the Dutch national railway and by far the largest transit operator in the country, yesterday announced it will launch open-loop payments next Tuesday. While open loop will only apply to single ticket sales–a reported 10% of NS’s total trips–the launch is a major milestone for the Netherlands’ nationwide EMV payments project. […]

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