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Transit operators in Milan, Rome and elsewhere say they are looking at using contactless EMV cards to enable customers to pay for multimodal, even MaaS-based travel. But they note that cash is not going away anytime soon.

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During a six-month period in the past year, Rome’s ATAC said that no more than 20% of riders used electronic payments while the majority of people, around 80%, used cash, including buying a ticket with cash. Regular ridership from contactless EMV payments is still believed to be much less than 20%.

Organizations Mentioned:

• ATM (Milan)
• ATAC (Rome)
• GTT (Turn)
• UnicoCompania (Naples)

Major Italian public transit operators, including those in Rome and Milan, see contactless EMV payments as an important option for customers, even enabling them to use their contactless bank cards in place of monthly passes. And the operators have bigger plans for the technology, as well.

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