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Sydney transport authority to issue RFP for Opal next-gen fare system; Also: Information vacuum on when Barcelona open-loop project will roll out; Helsinki, Venice open-loop projects also late; white-label EMV cards possible in Ireland, but who would provide them?

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The authority, using €4 million in Covid relief funds, landed on the idea of retrofitting its more than 15,000 closed-loop terminals with EMV-enabled SAMs. It would be the largest implementation of SAMs globally to enable open loop, bigger than those in Vancouver and one planned in Athens.

Organizations Mentioned:

• TfNSW (Sydney)
• ATM (Barcelona)
• HSL (Helsinki)
• AVM (Venice)
• NTA (Ireland)
• Cubic
• Smarting
• Conduent
• Indra

Transport for New South Wales this week issued an advance notice of its plans to release its long-awaited request for proposal for its Opal Next Generation fare project. The Sydney authority, a major backer of open-loop payments, said Tuesday that it plans to issue the RFP within two months.

The authority confirmed its tender request will nclude two major parts, an “ABT Solution” and a vehicle-tracking “Bus Solution, which Mobility Payments reported last month was likely.

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