Taiwan’s EasyCard Chief Sees Little Threat to Fare Payments Business from Fintechs

EasyCard Corp., Taiwan’s dominant transit e-purse, is not worried about fintechs taking away a significant share of its fare payments business and, in fact, is in talks to work with the country’s most popular e-payments fintech, Jkopay, the head of EasyCard said. […]

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Can Transit Agencies Quit Closed Loop after Rolling Out Open-Loop Payments?

Apple Pay at TfL terminal

A panel of industry experts squared off for a first-of-its-kind debate about the pros and cons of open-loop payments, tackling a range of issues–from whether transit agencies can completely eliminate their closed-loop programs in favor of open loop, to costs agencies should be ready to incur when rolling out the technology. […]

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Taiwan’s Dominant Transit Purse Struggles with New E-Payments Landscape

EasyCard Corp. remains the dominant contactless stored-value card in Taiwan, boasting market shares of nearly three-quarters of transit fare payments and retail transactions nationally amid competition from three other contactless closed-loop cards that vie for transit and low-value retail transactions across the island nation. […]

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