Special Report: More Agencies Taking Modular Approach to Build Their Fare Systems, Shunning Single-Supplier Model

Metrolinx presto
Transit agencies planning to roll out new electronic fare-collection systems have typically hired automated fare-collection vendors to handle the entire projects, from supplying the validators and payments processing to building or procuring the back office...
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Helsinki Transit Agency Issues New Tender Request for Validators for Multimodal Open-Loop Payments Service

Helsinki Tram
The Helsinki regional transport agency, or HSL late last week released a tender request through procurement channels seeking bids for at least 4,500 validators for its planned multimodal contactless open-loop payments rollout. [...]

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Building Flexibility into Fare-Collection Systems

Contactless EMV payments are being recognized the world over as an essential way to modernize fare collection, improve rider experience and encourage more widespread public transport use. While transit agencies and operators are acutely aware of the urgency...
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