Porto Launches Open-Loop Pilot on Metro Line and Bus Route, Targeting Tourists; Plans Call for Rollout by 2022

Porto aims to become one of the next cities in Europe to roll out contactless open-loop payments, launching a pilot on a Porto Metro line and a route of STCP, which runs the bus and tram service for Portugal’s second largest city. [...]

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State of California Seeks to Change Way Transit Agencies Procure Fare Systems

Card at terminal-Monetery-Salinas Transit
As the California Department of Transportation, or Caltrans, sees it, the state’s more than 300 local transit agencies offer a fragmented and inefficient mix of fare collection systems–a fact it says discourages many potential riders among the state’s...
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Open-Loop Payments Trial at Small California Transit Agency Could Lead to More Rollouts in Giant State

California public bus agency Monterey-Salinas Transit last month officially launched a six-month “demonstration” project to pilot contactless open-loop payments. While the agency is very small, providing only around 3,500 rides per day last year, the...
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