MaaS Global CEO: Transit Agencies Should Not Control MaaS Platforms

MaaS Global

Sampo Hietanen, founder and CEO of Finland-based MaaS Global agrees with most other industry experts that public transit should form the “core” of the mobility services on offer in any mobility-as-a-service app or platform. But he contends that it would be a mistake for the agency itself to run the platform, which Cubic Transportation Systems and some transit authorities have suggested. […]

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Case Study: Ohio Transit Agency Nears Goal of Ridding Vehicles of Cash

Greater Dayton RTA bus

(Updated case study): The chief customer and business development officer for the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority in the U.S. told Mobility Payments that a phased approach in rolling out electronic payments and quick customer adoption has enabled the agency to get close to its goal of eliminating cash on board its vehicles. […]

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Trip-Planning App Transit Touts Ticketing Sales, though Results Vary by Agency

The trip-planning Transit app announced that it has handled more than 1 million fare transactions since April 2019, when it started enabling ticketing and payments through its app. Although ticketing through third-party apps still make up a small percentage of fare payments for agencies, Transit says the transactions are growing rapidly. […]

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Cubic: Recent MaaS Company Failures among Signs Pointing to Need for ‘MaaS 2.0’

There is little disputing the fact that mobility as a service has not yet lived up to its hype. And the industry’s largest automated fare collection system provider, Cubic Transportation Systems, said it believes that going forward, public transit services need to form the backbone of MaaS platforms, along with more demand-responsive transport. […]

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Google Launches Ticketing in Maps after Delays; but Search Giant Says It has No Plans to Build MaaS App

Google has finally enabled users to initiate purchases of public transit tickets from its Maps app, following delays. Meanwhile, rival trip-planning app providers Moovit and Transit have been quietly moving forward with signing up most of the same small U.S. transit agencies to sell tickets in their apps. […]

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